Jackson Middle School

Jackson Middle School is located in Jackson, Alabama which serves over 300 sixth through eighth-grade students.

It sits on the site of the old Agricultural College.  We honor these roots by offering various agricultural activities such as the school garden and aeroponic towers, and we will soon be introducing an aquaponic system and a greenhouse. 

Current plans are underway to implement a school-wide STEM initiative in the 2019 school year.  Recently Jackson Middle School scored above the state average in the 2018 Department of Education Report Card.

The mission of Jackson Middle School is to serve as a positive environment for academic and personal development between the elementary and high school years.  We believe that this mission extends to the total school environment.

The vision of Jackson Middle School is that our students, in a safe and healthy environment, will develop an understanding of and respect for themselves and others, a love of learning now and in the future, and a sound base of academic skills. 

Moreover, we will help each student recognize that they all have rights and responsibilities in a democratic society.