Joe M. Gillmore Elementary

Joe M. Gillmore Elementary is a public elementary school located in Jackson, Alabama.

The school caters to students from kindergarten to grade six, and it has a student population of around 376.

The school is a part of the Clarke County School District, which oversees all of the schools in the county. At Joe M. Gillmore Elementary, the teachers strive to maintain a safe and encouraging learning environment that promotes academic excellence as well as the development of critical thinking skills.

The curriculum includes subjects such as English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies, with an emphasis on building a strong foundation in these areas. Extracurricular activities are also offered to help students explore their interests further, including clubs for music, art, and sports.

Overall, Joe M. Gillmore Elementary provides a nurturing environment for students to learn and grow as individuals.

Joe M. Gillmore Elementary School was founded in 1962.  Joe M. Gillmore served as principal for one year. Mr. Albert Humber was the first Principal to serve on campus full time.  Following him, we had Melvin Joiner, Wanda Roberts, Shannon Odom and currently serving Gillmore as Principal, we have Kim Ketchum. 

We believe in promoting lifelong learning through a nurturing environment

We believe reading is a gateway skill to all learning.

We believe the success of the school is a shared responsibility among parents, guardians, teachers, and the community.

We believe that all students deserve to be challenged to their highest potential to be educated, confident, self-directed, positive members of an ever-changing global society.

We believe that education must provide opportunities for students to learn, effectively communicate, and productively solve problems.

We believe that all students are unique and can be successful learners.