Jackson Business Licenses

Thank you for doing business in the City of Jackson

All businesses operating in the city limits or police jurisdiction of the City of Jackson must purchase an annual business license prior to the commencement of business.

How to file:
Preferred Method: To remit payment
online: Go to
Complete a simple registration, file and pay online.

Any required certifications can be
emailed to

To remit payment by form: Complete the Business License Application located at For your convenience, this form can be completed electronically with Adobe Reader or printed
then manually completed.

Make your check payable to:
Tax Trust Account
and mail to:
Avenu Business License Department,
P.O. Box 830900,
Birmingham, AL 35283-0900.
Be sure to enclose any required certifications with your payment.

For assistance:
Please contact Avenu Associate:
Toll-Free Phone: 800-556-7274

Important facts to know when completing your business license:

• License Due Date: Renew annually on
January 1st

• License Delinquent Date: Licenses are
considered delinquent after January 31st

• License Expiration: All licenses (except
temporary licenses) expire December 31st

To prevent a delay in the issuance of a license, please note the following:

• Gross-based schedules must report gross
receipts for the previous year.
• Unit-based schedules must provide the
number of units. Units may refer to number of
employees, square footage, vehicles, days,
agents, etc. See fee schedule for details for
each business type.
• Schedules that indicate certification is required
must have a copy of the certification submitted
with the application


All questions regarding the business license renewal process should be directed to Avenu.
Phone: 800.556.7274
Fax: 844.528.6529
Free, Easy Online Filing is available at