Jackson Senior-Nutrition Center

The Jackson Alabama Senior-Nutrition Center is a community service that provides meals and socialization opportunities for elderly individuals in the area.

The center operates as a part of the Meals on Wheels program, delivering nutritious meals to seniors who are homebound and unable to visit the center.

Seniors who can visit the center enjoy a variety of activities such as board games, exercise classes, and guest speakers, in addition to a hot meal.

Many seniors who attend the center report that it helps them feel less isolated and lonely, as they are able to connect with their peers and form new friendships.

The center is typically open during weekdays and is staffed by volunteers and employees who are experienced in working with seniors.

Overall, the Jackson Alabama Senior Nutrition Center is an essential service that contributes to the health and well-being of elderly individuals in the community.

Program for Senior Citizens ages 60 and above.

Our goal is to get our Senior citizens out of their houses and spending time with others. It has been proven that people who get out and see other people stay healthier.

Those who do not leave their homes see fewer people and are more prone to depression and sickness.

We try to have programs that interest our seniors, such as information on health, Medicare, and legal needs, and programs that are fun, recreational and spiritual.

We hope our friends will share with their friends and spread the good word about the Jackson Senior Center.

1701 College Ave PO Box 1197 Jackson, Alabama (251) 247-1300