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The city of Jackson has many people that work every day to serve the people of this great city. As we say, we are a small city with a big heart and that goes for the people that serve it's citizens.

Many services are needed to maintain our city and to support it's business community and industry so we all can continue to grow and prosper. 

Please take the time to visit each services page and feel free to ask questions and give suggestions.

Chamber of Commerce

When you make an investment in equipment or services for your business, you expect to receive a substantial return on your investment.

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Police Department

As Jackson Police Officers, we pledge our commitment to excellence, our concern for other people, and our high regard for this...

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Schools - Education

The education opportunities in Jackson are made up of public, private that consists of intermediate, elementary, middle, senior high...

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Fire Department

Jackson has had an active fire department for 90 years. The Jackson Volunteer Fire Department was started in 1927. During this time...

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Public Library

White Smith Memorial Library serves the city of Jackson and surrounding communities by providing for their information needs...

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Water Department

2751 Commerce Street Jackson, Alabama 36545 ​251-246-2900 ​Paul Thomas, Director. If you have questions regarding your water bill...

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Parks & Recreation

Jackson has parks and recreation facilities to accommodate just about any indoor or outdoor event or special day you may need a venue for.

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Senior Center

Our goal is to get our Senior citizens out of their houses and spending time with others. It has been proven that people who get out and...

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